Active chair


According to medical surveys 80% of people complain about continuous or returning pains in the back or waist. These pains like most spine problems respectively can be attributed to a lifestyle lacking exercise since the majority of today’s  population spend most working hours seated, in a fixed position, which, in the long run, does damage to the organs of motion.

Members of the medical profession attending patients suffering from spine problems and locomotor disorders agree that the fitness ball can be used both for preventing and relieving the above mentioned problems since it provides a kind of “active”, “dynamic” sitting.

Why is active sitting advantageous?

Because it involves continuous physical exertion.

  • Because we do not even realize that our muscles are being made to work since balancing motions are spontaneous.
  • Because it hinders the deep muscles around the waist and spine from adhering and stiffening hereby the deriving pain does not occur.
  • Because it relieves the vertebral disks thus keeping them intact.
  • Because optimum posture of the spine and limbs can be achieved by choosing a correct-size fitness ball.

Disadvantages of a fitness ball:

  • It is recommended to use it only for a few minutes at first as the unusual, all day long physical exertion can result in stiffness. The time spent on the ball can only be increased gradually, but this means that you have to keep the traditional chair as well.
  • It is dangerous as without paying proper attention you can easily fall off.
  • It is circuitous to store it (it keeps rolling away and in addition to this we need to have an extra chair besides the ball).
  • It cannot be used everywhere as it is not aesthetical enough (e.g. in banks or offices, etc.)

All the above mentioned things were taken into consideration when the chair providing active sitting and substituting a fitness ball was developed.

How does the active chair work?

The seat is fastened on a wrist joint so it can swing some degrees from the horizontal level in every direction. When you are sitting on it the subconscious part of your brain orders the given muscle to make continuous correcting movements to keep balance.

As you can see its operational principle is the same as that of the fitness ball but the disadvantages of the ball have been eliminated.

  • Functions between the traditional chair with a secured seat and the unstable, active chair can be switched with the aid of an arm thus you do not need two chairs for making yourself gradually accustomed to all-day-long active sitting.
  • It is less dangerous as it is not so easy to fall off.
  • It is easy to store it; aesthetically it is excellent; it can be used everywhere and can also be fitted into our everyday environment.